Puppy Picks – Big Game Tailgate

Like a good hot toddy, this ridiculously cute Rottie will warm up your soul. Bailey is a two-month-old rottweiler mix. She’s a tail-wagging,…

Puppy Picks Playoffs-Divisional round

He’s a willie good dog, so naturally they call him Willie. The 5 month old Chihuahua, rat terrier pup will stick to your side like a pesky q…

Puppy Picks – Week 16

MT. PLEASANT, S.C. – She’s too senior to call a puppy, but Fifi the 11-year-old poodle is a perfect lap dog. She’s a blind beauty, no sight …

Puppy Picks – Week 10

This Jolene won’t take your man, but she might steal your heart! Big question is will the pup from the Charleston Animal Society pick the Se…

Puppy Picks – Week 9

Meet the most patient pup to take up residence at the Charleston Animal Society, Randall.

Puppy Picks – Week 8

His name is Rudy and he isn’t moody unless you’re withholding his food — which then causes him to get an attitude.

Puppy Picks – Week 7

Her name is Ginger and shes as sweet as a gingersnap. The 10-week old boxer mix is a ball of energy. Her favorite game involves anything wit…

Puppy Picks – Week 6

He’s no bully but this bulldog-hound mix loves a good game of tug-a-war. Buster is already one-year-old but this boy still plays like a pupp…

Puppy Picks – Week 4

Meet Astro Snoopy Clemons, a beadle known for being more regal than a bald eagle at the Charleston Animal Society.

Puppy Picks – Week 3

Meet Milkdud, a 3-month old staffordshire terrier mix. The pooch has the task of choosing between our Sunday night match up: Chicago Bears v…

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