Consumer Reports: Should you go solar?

The price of residential solar panels has dropped almost 50 percent in the past seven years, and there’s pressure from salespeople to get yo…

Robot Lawn Mower ECO-G158

Consumer Reports: Robotic lawn mowers

Sick and tired of mowing your lawn? Robotic mowers are supposed to do the job for you. Consumer Reports has been testing four to see whether…

Tiny SUV Consumer reports

Consumer Reports: Tiny SUVs

If you want a small car with a small price tag, several automakers have rolled out an affordable new breed of vehicle they’re marketing to m…

Consumer-Reports toilet paper--1-

Consumer Reports: Top toilet paper

Consumer Reports’ latest tests covered 21 different kinds of toilet paper. Not all lived up to the claims on their packaging.


Consumer Reports: Tick danger in autumn

You may think your risk of getting Lyme disease ends when the weather starts to cool, but by fall, adult ticks have had more time to become …

Microsoft Windows 10

Consumer Reports: Laptop Problems

If you have an older laptop, prepare for it to stop working. Consumer Reports’ latest survey found that laptops more than three years old ar…

AP: Michelin Tire Recall

Michelin is recalling around 104,000 BF Goodrich tires used for light trucks and recreational vehicles because the sidewalls can rupture und…

Consumer Reports: What to buy at Costco (Image 1)

Consumer Reports: What to buy at Costco

Looking to load up on bargains at a warehouse store? Joining Costco can lead to big savings in your household budget, but it’s important to …

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