Traffic Trouble: Mt. Pleasant axe on-street parking & Chuck Dawley, Coleman roundabout plans

Mt. Pleasant, S.C. – The Coleman Boulevard Improvement Project is underway in Mt. Pleasant.

Town officials estimate road work to finish in September 2019.

According to Mt. Pleasant’s Transportation Director, Bradley Morrison, nearly 30,000 cars travel Coleman Boulevard each day. He says the improvement project is an investment in the town’s future.

“It has a lot of commercial activity on it. It is kind of the original downtown portion of Mt. Pleasant before the completion of the bypass and HWY 17,” Morrison says Coleman “has always had a vital role in how we move around town.”

Phase one of The Coleman Improvement Project is underway between Mill Street and Pherigo Street. There are four phases

The following is Mt. Pleasant’s timeline of the project:

Phase 1: Drainage on the westbound lanes until April 2018.

Phase 2: Drainage on the eastbound lanes through December 2018

Phase 3: Median Construction December 2018 – May 2019

Phase 4: Final Paving – May 2019 – September 2019

Drivers who normally take Coleman Blvd. have noticed heavy stop-and-go traffic, orange cones lining streets, and no center turn lane.

“There is some frustration in that, but we ask folks to be patience. It’s not always a convenient to have to stop behind someone, but if people are patient, we’ll be done in a short order,” said Mt. Pleasant’s Transportation Director, Bradley Morrison.

What work is being done to Coleman Blvd?

  • Improved drainage
  • Adaptive traffic signals
  • Raised landscaped medians to help improve traffic flow
  • Bike and pedestrian lanes

“A large focus is making the project bicycle and pedestrian friendly,” said Morrison.

Mt. Pleasant town officials say raised medians will reduce the amount of accidents and conflicts on Coleman Blvd.

News 2 is also learning that initial plans to add on-street parking and a roundabout at the Chuck Dawley Blvd/Coleman Blvd. intersection, will no longer happen.

Mt. Pleasant council members voted unanimously to remove on-street parking from current design plans. We are told the project was over budget and that the town needs to decide if a roundabout is the best solution for the area.

Morrison says they do not believe removing on-street parking from current design plans will cause an issue for the contractor’s schedule.

Here is a link to the Coleman Blvd. Improvement project schedule and information. 



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