Budget Plan to be Introduced at Folly Beach Council Meeting

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCBD) – The city of Folly Beach is making plans for it’s future spending It is an important part of the discussion at Tuesday’s city council meeting.
The plan takes some of the items city council members find most important like drainage, pedestrian and public facilities, and communications and lays out how they could be fit into the budget.
Council can choose to amend the plan.
“Council will have an opportunity tonight as the adopt the plan to identify items they think need to be a different priority level  or where the funding needs to be shifted forward or backward so they do have the opportunity tonight to hone in on different priorities, but the draft of it has been assembled from their strategic planning meeting,” said City Administrator Spencer Wetmore.
One of the biggest benefits could be for those who like to walk around Folly Beach.
“I would say the pedestrian paths are probably the most tangible benefit that the community will see. From this strategic plan moving forward, we really hope to be able to provide a safe way to take your kids to the playground,” Wetmore said.
It’s important for residents to know about the plan because otherwise they might not realize that anything is happening.
“The most important work that a city does often citizens don’t see, a lot of it is underground, for example, drainage, and water infrastructure. Of course, no one really thinks about it until it breaks, so that’s a lot of the work that we have to do. Behind the scenes, underground literally. So there are a lot of things in the strategic that citizens may not even realize are happening until they see the construction crews digging a hole out on the road shoulder,” Wetmore said.
Things kick off at 6 PM with a work session. The regular meeting starts at 7 PM.

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