I-26 Sheep Island Interchange to open to traffic this spring

Summerville, S.C. – The Sheep Island Interchange off Interstate 26 will soon open to traffic.

Town Engineer and Director of Public Works, Russ Cornette, says the opening will help with traffic volume on US 17-A, off exit 199.

Over 30,000 cars travel N. Main Street each day.

“Summerville historically has not built major transportation projects. This is really the first one we’ve pursued,” said Cornette.

The Sheep Island interchange is two miles west of Summerville. It will serve as another route option for Dorchester County or Berkeley County residents.

“If you go to the Berkeley County side, it will take you to the Nexton Community. If you come on the Summerville side, it will take you down to Maple street,” said Cornette, Summerville town engineer and director of public works.

The Maple Street phase is part of the Bear Island Road project, which will eventually connect the interchange to HWY 78, ending at Parsons Road.

“We will continue along Maple Street on the west side of HWY 78 to a 3 lane section, all the way past the lumber mill, cross Doty and the railroaad tracks, tying to parsons Rd,” said Cornette.

Construction on the Bear Island Road Project is proposed to begin in late 2019 and open to traffic in 2021.

Town officials say they expect new exit 197 is a great start to keeping up with traffic volume, but it is not the end.

“We are going to need more funding and more projects in the future to continue that relief,” said Summerville’s director of public works, Russ Cornette.

There is another big project expected to begin this year in Summerville.

Construction on phase three of Berlin G. Myers Parkway will begin this year. The four lanes will be extended from E. Carolina Ave. to U.S. 17-A.

We are told the project is still in the permit phase.


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