Fresh Future Farm Hosts “Black History in the Macon” Fundraiser

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A concert, a tour, and not only a home-cooked, but a home-grown meal were all part of the “Black History in the Macon fundraiser at Fresh Future Farm.
“The whole point is to tie in the history of those folks of color that were in agriculture and in like the dairy businesses and stuff that were here already” said Germaine Jenkins, CEO of Fresh Future Farm.
Located on Success Street in North Charleston, event organizers were hoping for a successful event for the farm. It’s a farm born of the desire to help others.
“Not too long ago, I had a need for food. So, I learned to grow food, we grew it for our family when we bought our first house, and I thought that it was not okay that we were the only family on the block at ate so well,” Jenkins said.
Some of North Charleston has been described by the USDA as a food desert, meaning there’s a lack of affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. In South Carolina, about 800,000 people are food insecure according to the organization Feeding America. In North Charleston, the food insecurity rate is at about 16%.
Not only does Fresh Future Farm provide food, it provides jobs.
“Right now we have two full-time people and six part-time folks. Then some who are what we call work shares, where they’re on disability or something but we’re able to pay their part-time work with part money, part groceries,” Jenkins said.
You can only get a job there if you’re a local with a relationship with the business.
Fresh Future Farm plans to hold more events throughout the year. They post most of their events on social media.

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