Suspect detained and frisked after pulling gun on man at Northwoods Mall

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- North Charleston Police responded to Northwoods Mall on Thursday in reference to a suspect who pulled a gun on a victim.

Police arrived at the mall at approximately 5:30pm, where they found the victim who was sitting at a table in the food court.

According to police records, when asked by authorities, the victim stated that the suspect who was describe as a 5’4”, black male with short twist in his hair, wearing a black Adidas jacket and blue jeans, was still in the food court near the pretzel stand.

Authorities located and approached the suspect who was sitting with another male who was wearing a black and white jacket, police advised the suspect to keep his hands where they were.

Police reports state that the suspect became uncooperative; and was then detained and frisked.

Upon their search officer were unable to find a gun, they then explained to the suspect why he was being detained.

One of the officers returned to the victim to gather additional information. The victim informed authorities that the incident occurred near the bathroom. The victim’s bother informed the officer that he would be able to identify the suspect.

The officer returned to the suspect, who at this was accompanied by the man in the black and white jacket and three women.

The officer took a photo of the suspect and confirmed with the victim that was the person who pulled a gun on him.

A second officer was searching the purse of one of the women, while one of the other women attempted to gather her purse and leave.

Police placed the woman trying to leave in handcuffs; this prompted the man in the black and white jacket to get between the officer and woman being detained in attempt to calm her.

The officer then grabbed the man in the black and white jacket; the two began to struggle on the ground.  The other officer then stepped in and was able to advise the man to relax.

All suspects where then brought to a room in the back of the food court. The victim was advised told by authorities that the situation was handled.

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