Charges Dropped Against Woman Who Spooked Carriage Horses

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charges have been dropped against the young woman who spooked a pair of carriage horses while dressed in a dinosaur costume last May. The horses threw their driver from the carriage, injuring him and damaging a car.

Originally Nicole Wells was charged with disorderly conduct and wearing a mask on a public street, but all of those charges have been dropped. Prosecutors made that decision last week.

In a statement released by Palmetto Carriage Works, the general manager says he’s disappointed by the dropped charges.

In May of 2017, Wells was accused of spooking two carriage horses while wearing a t-rex costume, a witness said wells growled at the horses and ignored a warning from the carriage driver to leave them alone.

No passengers were injured in the incident, but the same can’t be said for the driver or the animals…

“You know, it was a tough deal for us. The driver had a broken bone in his foot, the animals were scraped up. Fortunately none of the passengers were hurt. So, I was really disappointed that they didn’t move forward. I respect the decision but disagree with that decision,” said Tommy Doyle, general manager of Palmetto Carriage Works.

Those at Palmetto Carriage Works could have brought on civil charges, but they say they’re just ready to move on from this entire incident.


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