Call Collett: SC Dept of Revenue sent collection letters by mistake

New 2 investigators confirmed a hiccup has led to letters from the Department of Revenue being sent to taxpayers that demand payment for taxes not actually owed.
The letter claims the taxpayer who shared it with News 2  was in default of payments to the SC Department of Revenue.  If he didn’t pay,  his wages could be garnished,

according to the letter from January 2018.
A source at the Department confirmed the letter was sent because of some hiccup in a new system at the Department of Revenue.   The new computer system was implemented late last year, according to the source.
News 2 contacted the Public Information Officer at the agency with questions about the the hiccup and how many people received the letters. We received the following statement:
“We are looking into the taxpayer matter. All taxpayer matters are confidential. I do not have any information to share with you at this time.”
If you receive a letter that you are in default on payments,  call the Department of Revenue to confirm.

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