Mt. Pleasant Police warn about increase in mail theft

UPDATE — US Postal Inspectors are now involved in the investigation into mail theft throughout Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods.

Inspectors ask any victims to provide as much information as possible, including surveillance camera images if available.


MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) — Mount Pleasant Police are warning residents to keep an eye on their mailbox.

There has been an increase in mail theft within the past two weeks in several neighborhoods.

Judith Snyder said last Thursday morning, a card that included a $10.00 check for her grandson was stolen out of her mailbox. She had put the card in the box and lifted the flag to notify the mail carrier of outgoing mail.

“Around 11:30, I had written a lot of bills, and I went to add those to the mailbox, and the original envelope was gone,” Snyder said.

Her neighbors said the mail had not been delivered yet.

“I knew what happened because the same thing happened to us 9 years ago,” Snyder said.

She went through the same process she did 9 years ago; she called police and her bank.

“The check was only for $10.00, and it cost me $35.00 to stop payment, but I figured it was worth it because people know how to alter checks,” Snyder said.

Inspector Chip Googe with the Mount Pleasant Police Department said Snyder’s story is similar to others.

“People are either not receiving mail, they know they’re supposed to be getting it, or it may not have even gone out from their mailbox,” said Googe.

Googe offered some tips to preventing mail theft:

-Don’t leave mail sitting in your mailbox. Remove it after delivery.

-Take mail directly to the post office or blue postal box.

-Sign up for Informed Delivery through the United States Postal Service. You will receive emailed or texted images of the mail you should expect to be delivered.

-Don’t send cash through the mail.

-Be cautious mailing checks, credit card information, or any other personal information.

“It can be information that can open other accounts,” Googe said.

Police want anyone who notices suspicious activity to report it to the Mount Pleasant Police non-emergency line: 843-743-7200

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