Everyday Hero – Dr. Del Shutte

Tonight’s Everyday Hero is the nephew of an American Hero. The American Hero is Private Desmond Doss awarded the Congressional Medal Of Honor after saving dozens of lives during World War Two. His story told in the movie Hacksaw Ridge.

The Everyday Hero is Dr. Del Shutte not saving lives in the same manner as his Uncle but still saving lives.


When he isn’t stateside putting in new hips and knees. Dr. Shutte is in Central America on an Orthopedic Surgical Mission called Walk Nicaragua. A bi-annual trip providing joint replacement surgeries.

Medical care and physical therapy services for free to patients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.


Dr. Shutte has been on missions before to the Himalayas, Nepal, The Marshall Islands, and Panama but Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Central America. Most of his patients make less than 2 dollars a day. So Dr. Shutte and his team have focused on helping people mostly from rural areas, the past three years.

Dr. Shutte comes from a medical family, his father a pediatrician, his mother a nurse and of course his uncle, Desmond Doss.


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