RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Rue de Jean remains a B grade along with another Charleston restaurant

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) —  Manny’s Neighborhood Grille, 1680 Old Towne Road in Charleston, received a B grade from the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The inspector gave the report January 24.

Photos on the inspection report show black mold on cutting boards.

One photo also shows a knife being stored between coolers and a scoop stored in standing water.

One violation was for lids and slicing blades stored dirty and in dirty containers.

The inspector also found grease and old food build up on shelving and inside the deep fryer.

Grease was also found all over the pavement and walls outside.

Under the section regarding rodents and insects, the inspector noted that there was a gap at the bottom of the back door.

A follow-up inspection is a schedule to occur before February 2.

The below photos are from the DHEC report:



Additionally, 39 Rue de Jean, received a B grade on January 17. The restaurant received a 100 on their follow up visit Thursday morning.

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