Berkeley drug problem being fought with aggressive law enforcement

The drug problem in Berkeley county is a very serious one. Sheriff Duane Lewis presented information this week that fatal drug overdoses in Berkeley County are 200% of the national average.

The Redbank Road area in Goose Creek is one of the areas the sheriffs office says they are concentrating on trying to fight the drug problem.

Rick Patterson has lived near Red Bank Road for about 60 years. Today he owns and manages 3 Little Pigs BBQ just off Red Bank. “We’re an all-you-can-eat-buffet. We’ve got 46 different items on the buffet.”

He says the crime problem along some of Red Bank Road is not new. “It’s ongoing as long as I’ve been cognizant of that, I remember it. It’s been like nobody has ever wanted to do anything about it. It’s just seemed to have gotten worse.”

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department has now assigned deputies to specific areas, and Sheriff Lewis has a drug task force with several deputies and a Moncks Corner police officer on it.

More people are being arrested, though getting a judgement can take awhile. Joshua Frederick Davis was arrested back in 2015, after he was found with hundreds of grams of crystal meth and cocaine. He was sentenced to 292 months in prison, nearly 2 years later in 2017.

Still, folks like Patterson say they can see a difference. “I got to tell you, Sheriff Lewis is really doing a great job. He’s really starting to crack down on it and it’s getting to the point now where people are talking about it and giving him some information, which was not happening before. Nobody said anything about anything, and that’s changing. And that’s what’s going to make the area better.”

Lewis is in the process of trying to expand his drug task force to include even more law enforcement agencies.

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