Roads damaged in Dorchester County after winter storm

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – ​Roads across the Lowcountry are damaged after the winter storm including some in Dorchester County. Many roads have potholes or are cracking.

Cracking is appearing on roads like at the intersection of Carolinian Drive and Delemar Highway and in the Branch Creek neighborhood in Summerville. The cracking was likely caused by the winter weather and it can eventually turn into potholes.

“We think 3 to 5 percent of our pavement is going to need immediate attention,” said Russ Cornette, Town Engineer for the Town of Summerville. “And I think that the best solution is, for that repair, a full reclamation and that costs, per early estimates right now, about $2 to $2.5 million dollars.”

Cornette said that is a hefty price tag for the town.

Cracking and potholes happen because most roads already have small cracks in them. When water gets into those cracks and freezes it expands then later melts causing movement in the road.

“Any movements like that in our pavement structures are not good and it’s going to cause them to fail,” said Cornette.

SCDOT, Dorchester County and the Town of Summerville are still in the early stages of the road damage assessment process.

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