Potholes everywhere in the Lowcountry

Roads in the Lowcountry no longer have snow on them, but they really are still a mess. Numerous potholes can be seen just about everywhere.

The storm caused water to push the road up and form cracks and potholes, causing problems for local small business owners, like Jason Willis at BW Comics. “I’vehad a lot of complaints of folks trying to get over here. They say, ‘man the road is terrible.’”

The storm itself caused a disruption for BW Comics, just off Crowfield boulevard in Goose Creek. “We had to close down for three days. Yeah, it was hard on business.”

And that was especially bad, considering they just opened. “We’ve just been here three weeks and were very excited. We’re open and we’re here and soon we’ll have new comics in February.”

“I just wish it would get fixed. It’s pretty bad, like I said you can blame the weather, but somebody’s got to get out here and get something done.”

And that is exactly what is being done. South Carolina Department of Transportation crews were out Tuesday night working on some of the worst spots in Crowfield. But they say patching is about all they can do immediately.

Some roads will need to be fully resurfaced, and the SCDOT will hire contract crews to get those jobs done at some point in the future.

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