Berkeley inmates clean up rifle range, so it can reopen

A rifle range run by the US Forest Service in Berkeley County has been trashed by users. Fortunately, Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department inmates cleaned it up.

The Boggy Head Rifle Range in Jamestown was closed because of all the trash.

The rifle range looked not unlike a landfill, as people brought all kinds of things out there, many of them to shoot at, but they just left them there as trash.

The US Forest Service went on Facebook to announce they had to close it due to trash. The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office responded on Facebook. Sheriff Duane Lewis tells News 2, “In an effort to try to keep it open for the public, we sent our inmate work detail to pick up all the trash today.”

Berkeley County has 2 inmate teams that pick up trash in the county 6 days per week.

“It’s one of those places, it’s a rare place we have, it’s in Berkeley County and the public uses it a lot. And it was going to be closed and I felt like, you know, we can do our part and get out there and clean it up.”

Several inmates spent the day today helping out. “Well the other thing we’re going to do about once every two weeks, we’re going to have an inmate work detail go to that location to pick up the trash and try to keep it clean and maintained.”

However, the sheriff says those using the facility need to do a better job of cleaning up when they leave. “Why not keep it clean, you know haul your trash out. It’s that simple. It’s kind of like going to the beach. When you go to the beach you take your trash with you.”

Forest service officials reopened the range after inmates cleaned it. They’re going to go take a look at it again on Monday and if it looks dirty again, they may shut it down for a much longer period of time.

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