Dog shot and killed in fenced yard, reward offered for information

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Dog owner Lamesha Haynes says, “I loved that girl. Oh I loved that dog with all of my heart.”

Haynes says on December 13th she left the house for only 30 minutes and her beloved dog, Ava, was in the fenced backyard. During that half hour alone, Ava was shot and killed.

Haynes says, “They took her from me, they took her from my kids, and we’re empty without her.”

She says her 17-year-old daughter has been bullied persistently, verbally attacked and physically assaulted. The dog was shot just one day after these bullies threatened to shoot her daughter.

Haynes says, “I’m afraid, all I know is that my daughter was bullied, they threatened to shoot her, and then the next day I come home and my dog is dead. And I’m just thinking, it could’ve been one of my kids.”

She says it’s a small community on South Allen Drive in North Charleston, so someone has to know something. The Charleston Animal Society is offering a $3,000 reward in exchange for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case.

The Charleston Animal Society’s Director of Anti-Cruelty, Aldwin Roman, says, “This dog was shot at home, in its yard, in broad daylight. Whoever did this should not be walking our streets because it very easily could’ve been one of her kids, it could’ve been someone else’s kid. Someone could’ve died because of this.”

Police have not definitively tied together the bullying and the death of Ava, but the Animal Society says it’s up to the community to help this family get justice.

Roman says, “The offender is not going to turn themselves in. We believe the person who did this talked about it, whether it was bragging or whatever. And we want those people to come forward.”

If you have any information about who is responsible in this case, contact North Charleston Police Detective J. Lawrence at (843) 740-2855.

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