Folly boat gets shot a second location

Elizabeth Baker sent this photo of another group painting over a tribute to the Dallas police officers killed.

Tuesday the City of Folly Beach is considering plans on what to do with the old Folly boat. Hurricane Hugo washed the now iconic boat to its earlier spot on Folly in 1989.  Then Tropical Storm Irma washed it away in September 2017.

Since then, a group of locals have been trying to figure out how to get the boat back on display.

A spot closer to the beach has been approved but the DOT owns the land.  Tuesday the City Council is considering a deal with the DOT to place the boat on the spot along Folly Road. The boat couldn’t be put back in the old location because of the impact on marsh.

DOT wouldn’t enter agreement with the private entity Save the Folly Boat.  The group has been the driving force behind getting the boat back on display.

The city would enter into another agreement with  the Save the Folly Boat folks to cover the cost to move the boat, engineer a spot for it, and cover other costs associated with maintaining the boat.

But in the agreement with the DOT, the city would be responsible for a strict checklist of 22 items, including:  maintaining the space, moving boat if necessary, and maintaining inappropriate messages.

The mayor of the city says it’s nearly impossible to meet the standards, and he says he is concerned the resolution being considered Tuesday puts too much liability on the city.

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