Tow truck driver celebrated for rescuing stranded woman in snow storm

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCBD)- It started with a Facebook post by Charmin Shannon, describing the kindness of a truck driver who helped out her niece during the snow storm. That post is going viral across the Lowcountry and it has been shared more than a thousand times as of Monday afternoon.

Lauren Brown says, “It was like no hope. It was like snow, and I happened to turn around and there, out of nowhere, was a tow truck.”

Brown drove to the store on Thursday to pick up food for her kids. On the way home she had some car trouble.

She says, “I had to change the tire, but of course all that snow and ice, I wasn’t strong enough and my phone was dead.”

Brown thought she was stranded and would have to hike 10 miles home in the freezing weather, when Quiozel Simmons appeared in his tow truck.

Brown says, “I’m running through the snow, running, falling, tripping, trying to get his attention. He finally comes and sees me.”

Simmons changed the tire in the snow free of charge.

Brown says, “He was my guardian angel and he really did save me.”

Quiozel Simmons owns Universal Towing, and says it’s just doing the right thing.

He says, “You don’t have to charge everybody for everything. I do really believe if you give good, you’ll get good. She was just in a bad situation and it’s just your duty to help people sometimes.”

Simmons didn’t expect any recognition, but says the thank you message on Facebook meant a lot.

He says, “Got a funny, little fluffy feeling in your stomach. It makes you feel good to know you were appreciated.”

And he has a message to the community, to slow down and take time to help your neighbors.

Simmons says, “I think this world would be a better place if people just tried to be nicer to each other. I think it would be easier to live if people would be nicer to each other, so I was just trying to be nice.”


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