Stolen trailer recovered because owner was prepared for a theft

A trailer worth about $10,000 with painting equipment and supplies on it was stolen Saturday morning. But it has been returned to the owner, because the owner was ready for a thief.

Saturday morning, a painting company trailer and supplies was stolen from Remi Trail off College Park Road. Sheriff Duane Lewis said, “The owner had his information, serial numbers, photographs and that sort of thing, which immediately helped us track down the suspects once we got that call.”

On Sunday, Money Many Pawn on I-26 notified deputies that someone was attempting to pawn the stolen trailer. Jody Spencer and Jeremy Dean Lacey were arrested and charged for the theft. Lacey had a 9mm gun on him. He is a convicted felon prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Trailers are stolen in the county fairly often. “A lot of times they call, they don’t have a serial number, they don’t have any model number or information, so we’re just kind of left holding the bag so to speak.”

Lewis says here’s how you can be prepared to have your trailer stolen. “Take pictures of the trailer, take pictures of the serial number/the model number, and any paperwork from where they purchased these trailers from, Email it to themselves and keep that in a file so that if the item is stolen they have that information for the deputy right then.”

The trailer and all of its contents were able to be returned to the owner.

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