LIST: Officials warn drivers about dangerous roads



  •  Cypress Gardens Rd (closed between Lazy Hill and Garrett Ave)
  • Oakley Rd (closed between new 52 & 17A)
  • Old Highway 52
  • Black Tom Rd
  • Black Tom Extension
  • Cooper Store Rd
  • Mendel Rivers Rd 17a, at the intersection of Church St in Macedonia Highway 402
  • Hwy 41 near hwy 402
  • Highway 27
  • Bethera Rd
  • Pimlico Blvd.
  • Bushy Park Rd
  • Black Oak Rd
  • *Treeland Dr (Closed)
  • *Farmington Rd (Closed)
  • Santee Rivers
  • French Santee
  • Clements Ferry Rd
  • Cainhoy Rd
  • Wando River Bridge
  • Sangaree Pkwy
  • Dickson Avenue
  • Liberty Hall Rd from Lindy Creek to Liberty Hall Plantation has been closed because of ice.
  • Centennial Blvd by Stonehurst has also been closed


  • Ashley Phosphate Rd
  • Bexely St between O’Hear Ave and Dodge is shut down due to a water main break
  • Lincolnville Rd
  • Hwy 165
  • Hwy 162
  • Park Circle


  • Wallace Ackerman Drive is CLOSED from Ladson Rd. to Old Fort Drive.
  • Sheriff’s Office is closing Clubhouse Rd. from Summers Dr. to Hwy 17-A due to ice accumulation.
  • Central Avenue at Scotts Range Rd
  • Orangeburg Rd
  • Dorchester Rd
  • Embassy Dr
  • Zion Rd
  • Horesford Rd
  • Ladson Rd.

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