Local hardware stores run out of winter storm supplies

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – After the snow took the Lowcountry by surprise, local hardware stores buffed up their winter storm supplies, but they’re starting to sell out by the hour.

Many people came in and out of the Royal Ace Hardware Store just to be turned around because they were all sold out of winter storm supplies.

“Knowing the severity of the storm, we ordered as much as we could,” said store manager Rob Kimzey.

Once the store received news about the storm, they increased their staff and ordered as much snow storm supplies as possible, but it wasn’t enough.

“We ran out of ice melt within thirty minutes of putting it out on the floor, so we called the vendor and said we needed more right away. It came in this morning and was gone within an hour,” Kimzey said.

The store is currently out of ice melt, propane, sand, shovels, electric heaters, and more. Now the store is getting creative by helping customers find alternative supplies to use.

“We ran out of windshield scrapers, so now we’re showing how to use the plastic paint scrapers,” Kimzey said. “Mulch is an idea for ice melt, just something that will help with traction, bird seed even.”

The store only has hand warmers, gloves, wiper fluid, insulated wraps for pipes, anti-freeze and a few more small items. It will be restocked Monday evening.

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