SCDOT prepares for winter storm

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Icy roads are a major concern with the upcoming mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow on Wednesday. Crews with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT). All day Tuesday trucks were loading up with brine and salt.

The brine solution was sprayed on Lowcountry bridges Tuesday afternoon.

SCDOT Spokesman James Law says, “That lowers the temperature that the bridges will freeze from 32 degrees to around 27 degrees. It just slows down that process, it doesn’t stop it from happening.”

In a town tied together by bridges, every degree counts, and hopefully the brine solution will help keep the bridges open longer.

Law says, “In the Lowcountry, we’ve got about 1,200 bridges and that’s where a lot of the problems come from so we have to deal with that.”

If the bridges do freeze, the SCDOT will start spreading the salt.

Law says, “To speed up that process to melt the ice or melt the snow.”

SCDOT employees start 12 hour shifts Wednesday morning, and it will be all hands on deck. If needed, they can call in other crews from the state who aren’t dealing with icy conditions. Ultimately, the roads will be icy and it’s likely the bridges will close. SCDOT recommends staying off the roadways altogether on Wednesday.

Law says, “We would encourage everyone not to travel on the roads if you don’t have to. And not only being aware of the ice on the bridges and in the roadways, but you need to be very mindful of the law enforcement that’s going to be out there in the road ways, and DOT trucks out there in the roadways, and those make it a lot more dangerous situation to travel.”

The SCDOT says this plan is basically the same thing they did before the icy weather last Friday.

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