Fertility treatment helps Charleston woman have baby boy

Mt. Pleasant, S.C. – A local woman is sharing her story of becoming a mom after fertility treatment helped her get pregnant.

Lesesne Phillips is 43-years-old had plans to get married and have a baby. The problem is she hadn’t found the love of her life, so with the clock ticking to become a mom, she headed to the doctors to find out her options.

“Life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to or how you expect it to, but the reward is amazing,” said Phillips.

Doctors referred Phillips to Coastal Fertility Specialists to begin the In Vitro Fertilization procedure.

Dr. John Schnorr at Coastal Fertility Specialists says IVF is their fanciest procedure to help couples conceive.

“It’s a process in which you get medication to help you mature more than one egg in your body. We physically take those eggs out, can fertilize them in a test tube, put them back into the uterus generally about a month later,” said Dr. Schnorr.

Coastal Fertility Specialists say infertility is a common disorder among women in the United States.

Dr. Schnorr says as a woman gets older the quality and number of eggs decrease over time.

Lesesne Phillips didn’t have a partner to get pregnant with, so IVF was a way for her to use her own egg and a donated sperm to get pregnant. The first attempt did not work so Phillips decided to receive donated eggs and sperm.

“We know that people who are getting a little bit older and haven’t met the man of their dream, may think about freezing eggs. An ideal time to do so is 33 to 37 years of age,” said Dr. Schnorr.

Coastal Fertility Specialists offers a number of ways to help women get pregnant.

“You can come to us with the worst problem in the world, which is not having eggs and not having a uterus and not having a partner, and we can help anyone have a child who really wants to have a child,” said Dr. Schnorr.

Lesesne Phillips now has a baby boy and has plans to have another child with the frozen embryos she has left.







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