Claims about flu vaccine shouldn’t prevent you from getting it


With the flu widespread nationwide now, South Carolina is being hit especially hard.

As of the last week in December, Charleston County had nearly 400 cases alone.

Dr. Asha Kumar-Veeraswamy in the MUSC Children’s Hospital says they’ve seen an influx in patients coming in with flu-like symptoms and it has doctors sounding the alarm about trying to prevent the spread of the virus.

“It’s concerning, we’re definitely hitting the hard flu season now,” said Kumar-Veeraswamy.

Our best shot at prevention is the vaccine, but you’ve probably seen on social media the reports that this year’s anti-viral cocktail is only 10% effective. Dr. Kumar-Veeraswamy says, you should give those numbers the side-eye.

“The 10% number is not really thought to be accurate,” the doctor said. “The CDC is projecting the numbers  in terms of efficacy are more like last year’s numbers so in the high 30% range.”

And that, she says, is better than nothing. Especially if it at least reduces your risk of being hospitalized, or shortening the duration of your symptoms.

The reality here is that it’s not too late to get your vaccine. For those who swear the flu shot makes you sick, Dr. Kumar-Veeraswamy says your claims are legitimate, but still shouldn’t stop you from rolling up your sleeve.

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