MUSC takes next step toward building Berkeley County hospital

We have an update to a story we told you about awhile back. The Medical University of South Carolina has taken the next step toward eventually building a large hospital in Berkeley County.

Right now, no hospital is located in Berkeley County. Roper St. Francis is already building a 50 bed hospital in Goose Creek, which is set to open in 2019.

Now MUSC wants to build a second hospital in the county.

Lamont Lampkin lives in rural Berkeley County. “That’s a great idea and it’s a plus plus for the citizens of Berkeley County to have MUSC out here.”

Lampkin spent part of his day today driving to West Ashley to get medical treatment for an illness. “You know, I go to Roper St. Francis West Ashley. It’s a long commute from here, from here in the northern end of the county.”

It’s a nearly one hour trip each way, that he has to drive weekly. He said some can’t do that. “Some people just don’t have the resources and the means to go downtown to MUSC, but they can make it here, from short distance, here to wherever they decide to build here in Berkeley County.”

The exact location has not been announced.

There are currently emergency rooms run by Roper hospital and HCA, the company that owns Trident Medical Center in Moncks Corner. HCA has been give approval to build a Hospital in Berkeley County, but has not announced plans to do so any time soon.

MUSC posted notice that they want a certificate of need from DHEC to build a 312,000 SF $325 million dollar facility with 128 beds in the county.

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