Crown Pointe Apts fire intentionally set says fire dept.

Image courtesy WSPA

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)– A community came together to help more than 50 people displaced after a Christmas Eve fire destroyed an apartment building in Spartanburg. Now the Spartanburg Fire Department is saying the fire at Crown Pointe Apartments was intentionally set.

The fire department and police department both conducted interviews with residents and neighbors the day of the fire at the Red Cross shelter and the police department.

17 units were destroyed by the fire. The fire department says at least half of the building is a total loss. Property managers have been working to remove water out of the apartments that are still livable.

A total of 17 families including 19 children were displaced Christmas Day, but several organizations worked through the holiday to bring cheer to the families picking up the pieces.

“We had a request go out about 9 in the morning for individuals to assist or willing to adopt children effected by the fire. That brought a response of about 20-30 individuals and that snowballed from there,” said Ted Button, a volunteer with Spartanburg County Community Emergency Response Team.

“You realize how blessed you are until you see someone like that done lost their home and everything they’ve had but people took time out of their own livelihood took time away from their family to help people they don’t even know. So it was a really warm feeling to me to see that happen,” added William Smart, the deputy fire marshal.

The Department of Social Services and Woodruff Community Center donated items and the City of Inman actually gave toys to the children who had to spend today away from home.

The deputy fire marshal says they’ve narrowed down the start of the fire to an outside breezeway, but are still working on to figure out how it started and who started it.

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