Laing School Association celebrates 151 years of educating students east of the Cooper

The 151st anniversary of the Laing School celebrated with an education gala in Mount Pleasant.

The school dates back to the Civil War and was the first accredited school to educate African Americans in South Carolina. Laing Middle School is currently the top school in the country for STEM education. The theme for the gala, the root of the STEM. Now they want to ensure the legacy continues with new students. Laing Education Association president says, “We want to mentor from 6th to 12th and part of these proceeds will help do that. We’ve taken them on college tours, four colleges last year, three HBCUs and USC, and we plan to do the same this year. Also we’ve given them a cultural awareness about Laing, her history, her journey.”

News 2’s Octavia Mitchell served as guest speaker for the anniversary celebration.

The old facility was located on Highway 17 in Mount Pleasant. It was demolished a few weeks ago to make way for Home Depot, which is currently working with the Laing School Association to incorporate the school’s rich history into its landscape.

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