Ways to prevent becoming a victim of crime at Christmas time

How to stay safe while enjoying the Christmas season.

Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Captain Annie Jackson says there are a number of ways you can prevent becoming a victim of crime. “Don’t drink and drive. And if you see someone that may be intoxicated, call 911 and let law enforcement know so we can get that person off the highway to keep you safe.”

Next, lock your car doors. “Even when you’re shopping or if you’re home, keep it secure, don’t leave it in plain sight because that’ll cause them to break into your car.”

After Christmas, you don’t want to advertise to criminals all the expensive items that are now in your home. “If you’re buying electronics or a big gift did not put the box on the side of the curb to be picked up. Break the box down or leave it in your garage.”

Also, snap a photo of your items and serial numbers and email that to yourself. And around your home, be aware. “Leave a light on. Set your alarm. Make sure your camera is going to get footage in case it does happen.”

Don’t advertise where you will be on social

media. You can let local law enforcement know you will be out of town. Some agencies will even check on your home while you are gone. “We want you to enjoy the holidays and have a Merry Christmas, but we also want you to be safe.”

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