Net Neutrality is gone, now what?

Net Neutrality was an Obama-era regulation, put in place a few years ago in an attempt to keep the internet wide open. Among other things, it prevented internet service providers from manipulating speeds based on their own interests.

That regulation is gone now, and some are worried the days of the internet as we know it are gone too.

“The biggest challenge with this is they could do anything they want,” said Larry Collett, CEO of NetGalaxy Studios.

Collett doesn’t think we should be freaking about the loss of the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules, but we should be keeping a close eye on our ISPs. Without the rules in place, they have the free reign to “throttle” (slow down/speed up) content as they see fit. It also opens the door for premium charges…etc.

“I mean they could look at YouTube, they could look at Netflix, Hulu, whatever, and decide well, I’m not a fan of this, it’s going to hurt our revenue in the long run so let’s throttle,” Collett said.”

So what do you do about it?

Collett says you have options. For one, you could hide what you’re doing on your own network by blocking the ISP’s ability to see it.

“A Virtual Private Network,” Collett says is easy to set up. “It’s legal to do, anyone can create their own VPN which basically is protecting what’s inside your walls.”

Basically, a VPN cloaks your network. So to the ISP it would look like you’re on…but you’re really watching Netflix…and chilling.






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