VIDEO: Man wearing UPS vest takes package from south Austin home

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A south Austin homeowner says their surveillance camera caught what appears to be someone posing as a UPS employee to steal packages left on their front porch.

Stacie Putnam says three packages were delivered at her home on Winterstein Drive shortly before 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 12. Nineteen minutes later, the camera catches a man on the front porch. The man is dressed in jeans and has a vest that has UPS on it. He also has on a baseball cap. The man grabs a large box and walks towards what appears to be a regular passenger vehicle.

A UPS spokesperson tells KXAN it is possible during this time of year that a seasonal driver may wear a UPS vest rather than the normal brown uniform. UPS says they’re looking into the matter and will try to determine if the person in the video is an actual employee or just a poseur.

“If it is determined after investigation that theft has occurred, we will discharge the seasonal driver immediately and encourage criminal charges,” said UPS’ Glenn A. Zaccara.

The Austin Police Department is also investigating and they’re asking for anyone who recognizes the suspect to call police.


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