Everyday Heroes: Subaru helps fulfill wish for Goose Creek Family

This week we’re talking about a team of heroes who came together to help a family in Goose Creek, feel the love.

Nathan Braddick loves the great outdoors, and he loves to travel. However, his parents say his condition makes it difficult for that to happen.

“Simple things like bathing, going to the bathroom, eating,..that has a huge impact on whether or not we go somewhere,” said Nathan’s dad, Steven Braddick.

As one of Make a Wish South Carolina’s wish kids, the Braddicks say the organization heard about Nathan and went to work making his wish come true.

Subaru likes to “share the love”, and that meant doing whatever it takes to put Nathan and his family on the road in a brand new camper.

“When the Make a Wish folks came to H.R. and I and said Make a Wish needs some help from Subaru to grant a wish, it was a no-brainer,” said Ken French of Crews Subaru in North Charleston.

Partnering with their neighbors at Camping World, Crews Subaru made it happen.

Within an hour the wheels were in motion to provide a great camper for a family of six with a special needs child,” said French. And the fact that this is going to allow that family to do something that many of us take for granted…that family vacation? “That just brings it all home,” French added.

“I can now take a home with us we can now go places, we can go on those road trips that he enjoys to do,’ Braddick said. .”It’s not a finite thing, like a trip, or a vacation or a cruise, we get to keep this forever.”


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