Charleston woman bitten by shark during honeymoon

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)–Sarah Illig was enjoying the last day of her honeymoon in the Caribbean when a snorkeling trip took an unlikely turn.

“I felt and saw a dark shadow and then it felt like 5 or 6 hands grabbed down on my arm tight,” said Illig.

Illig was bitten by a nurse shark, a species known for its non-threatening behavior.

“Finally I was able to turn my head a little and saw it and freaked out and yelled. At that point she had me for a second so it had started to hurt,” said Illig.

Illig’s new husband Evan unknowingly caught the incident on his GoPro.

“As soon as I pulled my hand out of the water he was like oh you got bit. So he was super calm he just wanted to get me out of the water and bandaged up,” said Illig.

Illig says she still plans on swimming with sharks again.

“In the back of my head though I knew that it was a nurse shark and even if it weren’t a nurse shark I knew they don’y mean it. We are in their environment and their home and I knew they had mistaken me for food,” said Illig.


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