Charleston Co. sends portable water unit to McClellanville

Officials in Charleston County are taking extra measures to make sure people living in McClellanville and South Santee have access to water.

On Thursday, a portable water tank will be set up at Awendaw Fire Station 4.  The news comes after the temporary closure of water distribution stations in the

The sites were closed after Mount Pleasant Waterworks stopped conducting daily water tests, which are now required by the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

“Recent, we were advised by the Department of Health and Environmental Control that we would have to visit these stations every day as opposed to once a week,’ said Clay Duffy, general manager of Mount Pleasant Waterworks.  “This additional time spent checking on these stations created an additional cost to Mount Pleasant Waterworks,  far beyond cost effective and cost of benefit.”

Charleston County is currently in the process of having an employee certified to do the water tests.

Until then, officials will use a portable water tanker to provide residents with clean water.  An employee at DHEC tells News 2 that a number of residents in the area have access to well water.

It is not clear how long the water distribution stations will be closed.

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