9 year old girl recovering after being hit by vehicle at Tramway school bus stop

A Berkeley County girl is recovering tonight after she was hit by a car at the bus stop this morning.

Rebecca LeGrady lives in the Tramway community near Summerville. “I love it here. It was a nice, small community. They’re building a lot around it.”

LeGrady has lived in Tramway for 5 years. “I lived in the country before, but I wanted my children to grow up with neighborhood children.”

A number of children were getting ready for school Thursday morning at 6:40 when a 9 year old girl was hit by a 4 door Dodge vehicle. The vehicle was driving down Tram Blvd, and the little girl attempted to walk across the street.

LeGrady’s middle school daughter walked toward the bus stop just after the accident happened. “She saw the ambulance this morning, she came home letting me know what was going on.”

The accident hit home for LeGrady. “I did have a friend who got hit by a car at a bus stop and she was left with brain damage ever since.”

Fortunately, the highway patrol says the girl who was hit Thursday morning did not sustain very serious life threatening injuries.

LeGrady says while the cause of Thursday morning’s accident has not been released, she would like to see drivers slow down. “I think this neighborhood needs speed bumps on that main road because I sit back here in my cul-de-sac and see the main road where people are speeding up and down it all day long.”

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