$100k shifted to Services for South Carolina Seniors

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) — Lieutenant Governor Kevin Bryant appeared before the Senate Finance Health and Human Services Budget Sub-Committee today to announce that the Lieutenant Governor’s Office has identified nearly $100,000 in its budget to transfer from agency administration to the direct service of South Carolina’s seniors.”

“I am honored to work on behalf of South Carolina’s one million seniors age 60 and over, the approximately eight hundred thousand non-paid caregivers, and the other outstanding partners in the South Carolina Aging Network,” said Lieutenant Governor Bryant. “It also is an incredible honor to work with the men and women at the Office on Aging who have found ways to better utilize taxpayer resources on behalf of the people of South Carolina. As a direct result of their efforts, we have been able to put nearly $100,000 more of the taxpayers’ money to work directly serving seniors instead of paying for administration.

Today and every day, we remain devoted to stretching taxpayer dollars to serve as many seniors as possible and to help them stay at home where they want to be and where their loved ones want to keep them.”

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