Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester Council of Governments hosting online meeting about mass transit

Lowcountry roads are becoming more crowded every day. One government body is trying to figure out how to eliminate at least some of the traffic.

The Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester Council of governments basically wants to get your input about how to meet local public transit needs. Sharon Hollis is a Principal Planner with BCD COG. “We just kicked off our regional transit plan where we take a look at how we move through out the area and it allow us to identify where transit makes sense.”

One idea that has been discussed is light rail. But for now, Hollis says that does not make sense. “What made sense for the region, how we grow, how we move and the cost essentially, and bus rapid transit just stood out above rail because of cost.”

Beginning Monday, and for about the next month, you can go online and participate in an online meeting to learn more and offer suggestions to planners. “We’re looking for input from the community. We’re looking at through 2040, what we want our vision for transit to be in our region.”

Officials say most of what will help Charleston involves bus service. “Whether it’s rapid transit or commuter bus services or increases to our local transit services.”

That online meeting will continue through January 8. After that, officials are planning to hold physical meetings.

Visit the online meeting at the link below.

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