Expo puts emphasis on making health a priority

CHARLESTON, SC (PRESS RELEASE) –  Always Gift Baskets and Natural Essentials presents the inaugural AGB Black Health Expo taking place at the Cannon Street YMCA on Sunday, December 10th from 1 pm – 4 pm. The event aims to educate the people of Charleston on the importance of their health, and the various ways they can manage it.

The event features various small business owners in the Charleston community as vendors, as well as CPR and product demonstrations. There are life and wellness speakers through the event, including Central Stations’ Jeffrey Nickleson and Sacred Rootz’s Khet Waas Hutip. Food and refreshments are provided by vegan catering services and restaurants in Charleston.

The event is free to the public, but vendors will have products and services to purchase on hand. Always Gift Baskets encourages everyone to bring the family out for the occasion, as this event is a great learning opportunity for people of any age or background. There are giveaways from each vendor throughout the afternoon for patrons who purchase raffle tickets.

“We are a family owned business, and we see the community as our family,” states Always Gift Baskets co-owner Damion Owens. “We created this company to help educate others on the things we use on our bodies and put in our bodies to hopefully encourage them to be more mindful and make better decisions. This event is our way of joining with other professionals and community servants to accomplish a goal that we all share, while bonding with the communities we love.”

Always Gift Baskets and Natural Essentials is a family owned company offering everyday personal maintenance products that include natural oils and essentials, along with gift baskets, featuring their products, for any occasion.

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