More charges against former Berkeley school district finance chief Brantley Thomas

Tonight we are learning a lot more about the money former Berkeley county school board district chief financial officer Brantley Thomas stole. Back in February, Thomas admitted to diverting nearly $400,000 of district money into personal accounts.

Thomas has been charged with several felonies related to the embezzlement. The South Carolina Grand Jury has issued 15 more indictments against Thomas.

The first indictment was issued October 17, another separate indictment was issued November 15. They were unsealed yesterday.

​​2 charges include wiring money from a district account to his personal account.

10 charges allege he converted funds to his personal credit or checking account.

A forgery charge alleges Thomas forged an invoice so that it appeared to be from a legitimate district vendor but with the payment address altered to be the servicer of Thomas’s personal credit card account.

Another charge alleges Thomas personally visited a local bank branch and executed a counter withdrawal on a district account of more than $98,000,000 to pay an “Additional Architect Fee” for Cane Bay Middle School – instead he used that to pay down his personal credit card.

The Berkeley County School district released a statement that said in part, “Records indicate that Thomas was indicted for embezzling funds from our children since at least September 11, 2001, while all eyes were focused on the atrocities in New York.”

The total amount alleged to have been embezzled in these indictments is approximately $458,493.35.

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