Smart cameras to be installed in all CCSD school buses

A new smart camera system is being added to all school buses used by the Charleston County School District.

The transition comes on the heels of a modified contract with the district’s bus service provider, Durham School Services.

Durham revealed plans to install the “DriveCam” smart camera system on all of its buses following a 2016 crash in Chattanooga that claimed the lives of 6 students.

According to a CCSD news release, DriveCam is a camera system that automatically records both the bus driver and the road when it detects unusual driving behavior.

Supervisors can then monitor a live video feed from the camera, which is transmitted wirelessly.

“The installation of that new safety feature on our buses supports our number one mission of getting kids to and from school safely,” said CCSD Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Borowy.

DriveCam is scheduled to be on every CCSD bus by the end of the school year.

The district’s contract modification with Durham also provides payments for existing services.  Durham will receive an extra payment of more than $1 million for the current school year.

Increases will be between $40,000 and $70,000 per year for the remaining two years left on the District’s contact with Durham.

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