Why Slager appears disheveled, wearing shackles during sentencing hearings

Michael Slager entered court for the third day of testimony in his sentencing hearing.

He entered the federal courtroom in his jailhouse prison stripes.  His hair has been disheveled, and he has been wearing shackles at both his wrists and ankles since Monday.

There have been questions about why he is dressed this way, instead of the suits he wore during his state trial.

According to the US Department of Justice, having Slager in shackles and prison stripes is a standard operating procedure as part of security protocol for all defendants in custody being transported by US Marshals.

This is the the policy, according to the government directive:

” All prisoners produced for court, with the exception of a jury trial, are to be fully restrained unless otherwise directed by a United States District Judge or United States Magistrate Judge. For a trail by jury proceeding the United States Marshal or his/her designee should follow the direction of the presiding judicial official. In the event that the deputy in charge or district management decides that a higher level of restraint is necessary, the judge will be informed of the need for higher security.”

Dylann Roof, whom on trial last year, wasn’t in this dress because he was on trial before jurors, and he was representing himself.

Slager’s sentencing hearing is being presented directly to a judge, with no jurors present. He also admitted guilt to a federal charge of using excessive force.

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