Scott’s youngest son takes the stand in sentencing hearing of ex-cop

On Day three of sentencing of Michael Slager, the judge heard from Walter Scott’s youngest son.

Miles Scott took the stand out of order because of his school schedule.  Miles is still in high school.

Miles asked the judge to sentence Michael Slager to the maximum amount of time in jail the laws allow.  He called the shooting death of his father a “murder”.  He told the judge he can’t sleep at night and often cries because he will never see his father again.

“I still can’t believe he’s gone,” he said in his statement to the court Wednesday.

He said his father will never get to see him play football and Walter Scott will never meet his grandchildren.

“My heart is destroyed,” he said before taking a pause in his statements.

Testimony continued following Miles’ statement.

Last year, former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager heard a judge declare a mistrial in the state murder case against him for shooting and killing an unarmed black motorist.

This week, Slager sits in a federal courtroom, where a judge is considering how much time the former North Charleston officer will spend in federal prison for the shooting.

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