Handmade gun discovered by DNR officers in Huger

DNR officers were on routine patrol Thursday when they found a handmade gun.

Sgt. Freddie Earhart said they were in the Huger area when, “we had been flagged down by some hunters that had been approached by an individual.”

The man told the hunters to leave the area. “We were able to make contact with the individual. We found a tent with a homemade handgun.”

“Once we dug a little further, we were able to take the K-9 and do an article search. He located a shotgun that was under the vehicle… the shotgun was stolen out of Berkeley County.”

It was a crude combination of stuff. “The only thing that was really actually a handgun was the grip. But the tubing and everything else was manufactured and welded together. It had a trigger mechanism… Best we can tell it had been fired one time.”

Earhart says a homemade gun like this could blow up in your hand. “Just don’t try to manufacture a handgun. It’s not smart.”

The suspect in this case is facing a number of charges related to the incident.

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