Call Collett Update: Botched roof job fixed following report

It’s like Christmas came early for Chris Floyd, and this year he got a new roof.

“There’s so much going through my mind,” Floyd told News 2. “It’s great seeing it done and done right.”

Earlier this year, he hired C & D Roofing to repair his roof, but soon after the crew finished, he found himself in a bigger mess.  After the crew with C&D finished,  water pooled and eventually flooded Floyd’s home.

Dillion and Thomas Abdon run C & D Roofing, and they are difficult to track down. When Floyd couldn’t get them to respond to his calls, he called News 2 for help.  We discovered the website on their business card doesn’t exist, and there’s no physical address for the company.

We called and sent text messages to the numbers listed on the business card, but we were told to stop contacting them.

Through our research, we learned the Abdons are advertising their roofing services on social media without the construction license required by state law.  While checking the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR) database, we couldn’t find a single “Abdon” licensed in the state to do any sort of construction.

After our initial story aired last month, Matthew Friedman with Harper Roofing came forward and offered to fix the problems.  His team inspected the roof and said the previous crew used the wrong materials and it didn’t meet current codes.

“It’s the holidays, and we’re just glad we could help,” Friedman told News 2.

The fix would have cost $2,500 in labor.  That would have been impossible for Floyd to pay after he already spent $7,000 for the first job. The materials were an extra $3,000.  Local building supply company, Gulf Eagle Supply, donated those materials for the project.

“It’s always good to give back to the community,” David Strickland told News 2, adding the roof would last 30 years.

“I’m speechless,” Floyd told News 2 watching the old roof being removed and the new roof being installed the weekend before Thanksgiving.

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