Everyday Hero: Pastor Abraham Belanger

The mission to feed families in need extends beyond the holidays for Pastor Abraham Belanger. For him, it’s a daily calling to help others. His heart for service is far reaching, He’s our Everyday Hero.

Pastor Abraham Belanger and his wife Tyjuana founded First Fruits Community Church three years ago. “I believe you have to have a heart for service,” Belanger says. “We’re getting ready to expand. We’re going to acquire another unit, knock out some walls, expand our sanctuary along with our food bank so we can continue to serve our community even better.”

Then a vision to help feed those in need came in full view. Belanger says, “Our Food Bank we launched in May or June of 2015. Since then its been picking up pace .We’ve been serving a lot of families here in Summerville.” Thanks to monetary online donations, and nonperishable food donations from community drives and businesses, the Summerville Food Bank has helped more than a thousand families, five-hundred this year alone. “A lot of people are living from paycheck to paycheck. We’ve heard so many stories of people having to choose, do I feed my kids or keep the mortgage? Do I keep the light on? How do I get food? A lot of time they have to keep the roof over their head while they send their kids to bed at night hungry, and its just unfortunate,”says Belanger.

The sting of hunger is a feeling familiar to Pastor Belanger. “I was in a place in my life when I was homeless a little while, and there were times when I didn’t have a lot of food, so I just kind of see the need, and I’ve always had a heart for people. It’s up to people like us, no matter how small or great of an influence we have, to see what we can do.”

In addition to the nonperishable food, they also distribute fresh meat and dairy products. The Food Bank is making a difference, one family at a time. “We actually had a family that came for a few months and got food from us and then things started going up hill for them, and they got to doing really better, and now they contribute to the Food Bank, so we’re definitely making a difference.”

As a show of appreciation, the Food Bank has also provided groceries to police and fire departments and first responders. The goal is to increase outreach efforts through a growing food bank. Tyjuana Belanger says, “I’m proud of him.. He does what he does from the heart. There are people that are in our church now because of the Food Bank. They came in looking for food, looking for help. They came in and they got food. They got the natural help they needed but they also what they needed spiritually too. I know he’s making a difference in everyone’s life that he touches.”

The Summerville Food Bank distributed Thanksgiving groceries to Summerville families. They now have a ham drive underway for Christmas help. The Summerville Food Bank is always in need of donations. For more information on how you can help go to http://www.summervillefoodbank .com.

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