Top toys this holiday season

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- It’s almost here! Holiday shopping season officially kicks off on Friday. News 2 went to Target to find out which gifts your kids will really want this year. We brought along three kids: Colt, Jack, and Savannah, to weigh in and let us know if they would want to see these toys under the tree.

First up, you may remember Hatchimals were all the rage last year and this year, the Hatchimal Twins are expected to be a big seller.


Nicole Gianoukos, Executive Team Leader with Target, says, “You’re going to get two in one. They’re pretty much the same price point, maybe a little bit cheaper, but you’re going to get two of them.”

These were a big hit among all three kids.

Up next, LOL Surprise! dolls.

Gianoukos says, “You’ll open up the ball and it will come with all these seven things, so you’ll get the accessories, secret messages, and you’ll also get the doll.”

Savannah says she hopes to see this under the tree, but the two boys weren’t as interested.

With the new Star Wars movie coming to theaters in mid-December, Target is anticipating fans of all ages to put these toys on their wish lists.


Gianoukos says, “You can see we’ve devoted almost 16 feet of space just to Star Wars. It’s kind of cool because it’s a hot item for all ages. I’ve had kids as young as him come, to adults who want our action figures.”

And a crowd-pleaser for all kids, a Lego set.

Gianoukos says, “We have a huge selection of Legoes. Anything for boys, girls, anything you can think of we have a ton of Lego sets. It’s always a go-to because you can just break it apart and build it again so it’s a cool toy that keeps on giving.”

Some of these toys like the LOL Surprise! and Hatchinals are expected to clear the shelves early this year, so employees at Target recommend starting your holiday shopping ASAP to make sure you can track one down.


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