Everyday Hero: David Beasley

He’s dedicated his life to giving back. If there is an opportunity to help, David Beasley is there.Whether he’s rolling up his sleeve to donate blood, or grabbing his sword.

Kids in the Lowcountry may recognize Beasley as Captain Redbeard, but that’s just part of what makes him our Everyday Hero.He only does it a couple times of year, but when he gives his time as the Captain, it’s memorable for the kids.

David Beasley – Captain Redbeard: “They come back again, and again. I fight the same kids five or six times over a two hour period.”His wife Theresa says he puts his heart and soul into giving back, crafting the props for his pirate setup by hand, and the payoff is the reaction of the kids.

Theresa Beasley – David’s wife – “Oh, they’re doing sword fights, he built a treasure chest and one of the kids fights and walks over and sees all the stuff and goes ‘ahhh, it was just so awesome.’ The kids love this.”

Captain Redbeard is just a small part Beasley plays in giving back to the community. He’s been recognized for donating his blood and platelets for 21 years, giving more than 324 platelet donations, and 30 blood donations.

He received the Coast Guard’s military outstanding volunteer service medal, the Governor’s legacy volunteer award, the state’s highest award for community service, the Order of the Silver Crescent for his platelet donations to the Red Cross and his involvement in countless community programs.

His reason for giving back is simple and powerful at the same time. “Well, I was a poor kid and I was very fortunate and a lot of people were very nice to me”, Beasley says. And he’s paid it forward in spades.

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