Charges against Campbell not enough to lose office

No matter what happens with the charges against Senator Paul Campbell, former Attorney General Charlie Condon says none meets the statute for suspension or removal from office.

Campbell is facing DUI, and providing false information charges after a minor collision on I-26 on November 4th.

The driver of the truck that was hit by Campbell’s car claims she saw Campbell and his wife switched seats before state troopers arrived.

“You really couldn’t find a case that has gotten more complicated, more convoluted, more quickly than this one,” said Condon.

The case having its third prosecutor already is part of Condon’s reasoning. Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson has a conflict of interest and she sent the case to Attorney General Alan Wilson. Wilson said his office doesn’t prosecute DUI cases, and he sent it to Horry County where the assistant solicitor has taken the case.

Condon added that among the routes this case may take, and there are many, none appears to be leading to Campbell losing his seat in the State Senate.

“That statute doesn’t seem to apply because it’s a magistrate level, and that statute requires an indictment or some sort of violation of election laws and that doesn’t apply,” said Condon.

He also has questions about the charge of “providing false information”.  Condon says that statute is specific about what qualifies there, and possibly lying about who is driving may not qualify. If that charge doesn’t stick, that leaves a marginal DUI case where the accused blew a .09 on the breathalyzer and the legal limit is .09.

Bottom line: Even though many cases like this are handled before going to trial, because of the high-profile nature of the case, Condon thinks this is headed for a courtroom where either a jury or a magistrate will decide. Leaving Campbell’s future in the senate, up to the voters.

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