Faith-based group to begin researching affordable housing solutions

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — The Charleston Area Justice Ministry, or CAJM, will take on the issue of affordable housing as its focus for the next year. Hundreds of people voted for this during CAJM’s meeting Monday.

The group’s researchers will speak with housing experts locally and nationally about the problem. Then, they will present their findings to government leaders and offer proposals.

“We really want to get to the heart of what’s the real problem we’re trying to solve,” said Suzanne Hardi, a CAJM member.

This announcement comes just as voters in Charleston passed an affordable housing referendum that will use $20 million in bonds to build 800 rental units for low and middle income residents.

CAJM’s members hope their research will help provide more solutions.

“We can do some research in some areas and serve as unpaid consultants to get information to the city and county officials about good practices to move forward,” said Michael Griffith, a CAJM member.

CAJM is a faith-based organization, but they welcome anyone to be a part of the group. There are group members who are not part of a congregation.

“[They] are interested in justice, and interested in this form of justice, where the people speak, and the people act,” said CAJM member Deborah Agbor-Tabi.

The group plans to hold its annual rally in the spring.

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