Gun accidentally discharges at Five Loaves Cafe in Summerville

SUMMERVILLE, S.C.(WCBD) – On Sunday afternoon a firearm accidentally discharged at Five Loaves Cafe in Summerville on North Cedar Street.

According to a report from the Summerville Police Department a handgun inside of a restaurant customer’s purse fired a bullet when she moved the purse. The gun was not secured in a holster. The customer was found laying on bench seat in the restaurant when police arrived. She told the officer that she was shot in the buttocks. Another woman was also shot in the leg.

The woman was legally carrying a black Smith & Wesson MP9. She told police that she had retired from law enforcement and worked with South Carolina Probation and Parole. The woman requested police take possession of the gun for evidence.

“I find it unfortunate that somebody that is a legal gun carrier would be so irresponsible to leave it in a vulnerable position where it could have or did go off and we’re just very fortunate that nobody else got hurt,” said Casey Glowacki, owner of Five Loaves Cafe.

Glowacki added that the restaurant has returned to normal operations.

Dorchester County EMS responded to the incident, treated the women and transported them to a nearby hospital. Their condition is not known.

Both woman agreed that it was an accident and no charges were filed.

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